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Urban Living in Greater Phoenix


Live, Work & Play, Urban Living!


You can Live, Work, and Play in the same building or area, you may not even need a car, or you at least will not use it as much!  Tired mowing the yard or pulling weeds out of the landscaping…forget it, no more yard work!  Some might even call it, lock-it, leave-it.

Think of all the gas money you can save, and all the free time you will have by not doing yard work anymore!

That vision is alive and well in at least five urban living locations in our valley. Let us introduce you to a simplified non-suburban form of living.   In fact, the cover story for the Feb. 26, 2016 Phoenix Business Journal was “Going Urban in the Valley“, where the article goes on to say that the Urban Cores are magnets for the growing millennial population, which makes them a target for companies looking to attract the massive work-force of tomorrow that places a greater emphasis on lifestyle!

Imagine not driving on conjested freeways for what seems like hours a day!

Take a tour through each area and view most of the developments in pictures, maps, what is available in the area,  and a link that shows what is available in each development.  Each area has its own unique charm and energy, see what fits your style!

Urban Living Locations in Greater Phoenix

Visit Each Urban Living Area