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Phoenix Communities

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, as well as the largest city and largest metropolitan area in Arizona. It is home to more than five Fortune 1000 company headquarters.  It has received the National Civic League's prestigious "All-America City" Award four times.

Phoenix has a desert climate, and averages 325 sunny days and less than eight inches of rain a year

On this page you will find additional information on each community, and see what is available in each area.  Phoenix is very large, so only a portion of the total communities are listed here!

Over 12 million visitors visit Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun every year.  What is more impressive however is our size, the metro area covers 14,600 square miles!

Phoenix, A City of Urban Villages

Phoenix is divided into "urban villages", each with a village core.


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Map of some of the communities that we broke down for you in Phoenix.  Phoenix is a very large city so only a portion of the neighborhoods are listed here.

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Arcadia Area

Arcadia sits by the base of Camelback Mountain, its larger green lots, and the uniform top quality homes and schools make this an ideal area to live.

Arcadia was built on former citrus groves,  and is well known to the locals for well-irrigated, mature landscaping.  Several yards prominently feature orange, lemon and grapefruit trees as reminders of the area’s past.

The homes in this area tend to command higher prices due to its location and appeal.  The community boundaries vary depending on who you talk to, we map it out per the City of Phoenix planning department.  Most of the community is located in the City of Phoenix, but the eastern portion is in the City of Scottsdale.  The entire area is in the Scottsdale School District with the impressive Hopi Elementary School.

Arcadia Lite

Located just west of Arcadia, a fun, hip, and professional area.  The area has name recognition without the higher prices of Arcadia next door!  Home of La Grande Orange, and Postinos.

Arizona Biltmore Estates Village

The "official" Biltmore! Location, that one word says it all!  This area also offers luxury, prestige, history, two golf courses, lakes, views, a historic hotel, and many living choices.  Paul Harvey the famous radio personality made this area his home.  This area is regulated by a “Master” HOA, the ABEVA, additionally each community within this area has its own governing HOA.

Arizona Biltmore, Expanded

Not only the official Arizona Biltmore Village, but also the areas around it.  Commonly known as the Biltmore area.

Coronado Historic District

The Coronado area is an historic district with smaller lots with some guest houses.

Downtown Phoenix

Urban Living, Downtown Phoenix living brings you right in the center and you can walk to the baseball and basketball games, see concerts, and walk to restaurants.

F.Q. Story Historical District

F.Q Story is an historic district close to downtown Phoenix and one of our freeways.

Garfield Historic District

Garfield and Garfield North are historic districts just east of downtown Phoenix known for smaller homes and lots.


Laveen is a City of Phoenix “urban village” that is a little over 30 square miles.  The area has been very rural in nature with cotton fields and dairies covering most of the area.  Laveen was named for the first Postmaster, Walter E. Laveen in 1918. In the 1990’s Phoenix builders discovered the area and started a building boom that has changed this area into a suburb with new homes.  The area is home to a large park with a 25 acre fishing lake next to a public golf course.  The very large South Mountain Park is on the south side of Laveen and features 16,000 acres of desert with hiking trails and some great views of Phoenix.  Homes in Laveen range from the starter home to some very impressive gated communities in higher elevations with some killer views of the valley

Lower Arcadia

This community is located just south of Arcadia proper, and is considered an up and coming area.  Please note the amount of new home builders in the southern section!  Most of the prices are on average lower than the homes in Arcadia proper.

Midtown Phoenix

Just north of the downtown Phoenix area, lies an extension of downtown along the Central Avenue corridor which I call midtown Phoenix.  Home of the world famous Heard Museum, numerous historic districts, and The Phoenix Art Museum.

Take in a play at the Art Museum, have dinner at many choices of cafes or famous restaurants, and live in luxury or just the average Joe, maybe even take the light rail to ASU or the airport.


North Central Cooridor

Palmcroft-Encanto Historic District

Palmcroft – Encanto is an upscale historic district with many of the homes on curved streets with a city park with lakes and golf just to the north.

Roosevelt Historic District

Roosevelt is an historic district located downtown Phoenix, it originally was home to the Phoenix elite.

Willo Historic District

Willo is a midtown historic district just south of a major hospital with well kept homes just west of Central

Windsor Square Historic District

Windsor Square is a popular historic district north of Midtown that our local press has described as “hot”.