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Paradise Valley is the “90210” of the Greater Phoenix area. It is the “Premier” address for luxury custom homes, although other areas of the valley have some great luxury offerings as well!  Compared to other towns, it has a  relatively small area and population. Paradise Valley is home to eight full-service resorts, making it one of Arizona’s premier tourist destinations. The town of Paradise Valley is one of the wealthiest towns in Arizona.  It should not be confused with the City of Phoenix “Village” of Paradise Valley.

Some history,Paradise Valley was named in the 1880’s by the Rio Verde Canal Company when they turned this open grazing land into irrigated farmland.  The 3 surveyors “were so taken by the beauty and tranquility of the desert landscape” that they named it Paradise Valley.

In the late 1950’s residents concerned about being annexed into Phoenix or Scottsdale collected enough signatures to Incorporate as the Town of Paradise Valley in 1961.  They had wanted to keep zoning to one house per acre minimum, and keep the entire town residential.  Latest population figures show 14,355 people live in Paradise Valley, with the medium household income of $173,487.



The “Town” of Paradise Valley Map (not to be confused with the “village” of Paradise Valley in Phoenix)


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