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Live at an Airport


Airport living, with a garage for your car and a hangar for your plane!

You can live IN an airport in Greater Phoenix!

Live at an airport in your own single family home, with your own attached hangar for your plane, and garage for your cars!

Sound crazy?  Three airport communities in the Greater Phoenix area offer such homes today.

  • Chandler, (Stellar Airpark)
  • Queen Creek  (Pegasus Airpark)
  • Laveen, (Hangar Haciendas)
  • Carefree (Sky Ranch) offers homes beside the airport so you can walk to your hangar!

Photo above courtesy of Stellar Airpark.

Hangar Haciendas in Laveen

A residential community located in Laveen with an asphalt runway 08-26.  The airport is owned by the HOA and is private.  The runway is 2,700 feet long and 24 feet wide at an elevation of 1,225.  There are 20 aircraft based at this airport.

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See what is available at Hangar Haciendas.

Pegasus Airpark in Queen Creek

A gated residential community located on an airport with a 5,000′ x 60′ runway.  The 180 home sites range from to one to 1.3 acres (82 aviation lots and 104 equestrian lots).  There is an FBO that also provides condominium hangars, tie downs, and fuel.  Homes are available with and without taxiway access.  The airport is privately owned and it is also a private airport.  The runway is 08-26.  Effective 4/18/12 jets under 12,500#’s are allowed.

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See what is available at Pegasus Airpark.

Sky Ranch in Carefree

Sky Ranch is a private airport located with a highway to the south and golf course to the north.  The airport has one runway (06-24), it is 4,037 x 50, and there are about 101 aircraft based here.

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See what is available at Sky Ranch.

Stellar Airpark in Chandler

Located on 200 acres at an elevation of 1,177 feet, this airport is privately owned, but the airport is open to the public.  The airpark was born in 1969 but had a rough start thanks to the economy.  In 2009 the runway, taxiways, infields and ramps were renovated.  The single runway (17-35), it is 3,913 feet long by 60 feet wide.  The airport is a 24 hour operation and is home to over 107 aircraft.  Homes are located on the west side of the runway, and an industrial area on the east side of the runway.  The homes are in three subdivisions:

—  Stellar City Air Park, 40 taxiway homes

—  Stellar Airpark Estates, 65 gated  taxiway homes by Mark Taylor which opened in 2000

—  Stellar Airpark Estates 2, 9 gated custom home sites from 20,000sf up to 47,000sf, each with taxiway access.

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Find out what is available at Stellar Airpark.

Vacant Land & Lots, Build Your Own Home on an Airport!

3D Hangars Hacienda

There are available lots still remaining at a number of our airports listed above.  Contact me for more information.