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Historic District Homes


Want charm, great looking homes and maybe even a tax break, live in a Historic District!


Well for those of you from Europe that are used to 2,000 year-old ruins, our area may not seem “historic”!  We do have some history!  You can live in some of these historic homes and in the areas that have been “designated” as historic by the various cities.  As a homeowner you do get some “perks” when you live in an historic area plus most of the homeowners keep their homes looking pristine!   Tax breaks, well the State of Arizona maintains a property tax reduction program for non-income producing properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Arizona State Historic Preservation Office, administers this program. Historic Districts must be over 50 years old, and must get approval from the City to have a “Historic District Overlay”. 

This is a map of the Historic Districts: